Miscellaneous Metals Fabrication

Contractors Materials Company Miscellaneous Metals department custom-manufactures quality steel products used in the Commercial Building Construction Industry, Precast Industry and Highway and Road Construction.

Our welding team is certified to:

  • AWS D 1.1
  • AWS D 1.4
  • AWS D 1.5
  • AWS D 1.6 – Stainless Steel

 Our Miscellaneous Metal products include:

  • Custom Plate, Angle Embeds, I-Beams and Channels
  • Custom Fabricated Baskets for Rail Road Ties
  • Custom Fabricated Rebar Mats: Round, Square, Rectangular
  • End Dam Expansion Joints for roads and bridges
  • Custom Pipe Bollards
  • Custom Welded Termination Bars/ Welded Anchors/Headed Bars
  • Custom Bridge Bearing Embed Plates
  • Plate Washers
  • Trench Angle
  • Custom Stainless Inserts
  • Stud Welding/Deformed Bar Anchors (DBA) welding
  • Automated Saw Lines
  • Steel Bearing Plates
  • Custom Threading (NC Cut Threading, Roll Threading, Coil Threading, All Thread)
  • Custom Steel Hoops for Manholes and Risers
  • Custom Form, Bracing and Temporary Handrails