The listing below will allow you to find product details at the manufacturer’s website.



  • Barsplice Products: Rebar, Mechanical Splices Bar-Grip Threaded Rebar (Dowel Bar Replacements) Grip-Twist and Zap Couplers
  • Blazer Diamond: Blades
  • Brilliant Products: Concrete & Metal Abrasive Blade, Wire Wheels & Cups


  • Calculated Industries: Concrete Calculators
  • Cetco: RX Bentonite Waterstop, Voclay Bentonite Panels
  • Chemtec: Chemtec One-SRS
  • Chemrex: Enviroseal 20 & 40 Water Repellents, Masonry Sealers (see hydrozo)
  • Chapin: Curing Sprayers
  • ChemMasters: Curing, Curing & Sealing, and Sealing Compounds Concrete Repair Materials
  • Cleform: Hand Tools (Pliers, Eastwing Hammers, Finishing Tools, Brooms, Shovels, etc.)
  • Czar-Weld: Hand Tools (Pliers,Eastwing Hammers, Finishing Tools, Brooms, Shovels, etc.)


  • Dayton Richmond: Curing, Curing & Sealing, Compounds Liquid & Shake Hardeners Form Release Agents Bonding Agents Grouting Materials Concrete Repair Materials Epoxies Heavy Highway Concrete Paving Accessories Concrete & Masonry Anchoring Systems Threaded Rebar ( Dowel Bar Replacements) Plastic Concrete Accessories Forming Accessories Dayton Superior Tilt-Up Concrete Accessories Rebar Supports
  • Dow Chemical: Dow Styrofoam (Extruded Blue Styrofoam Polystyrene)
  • DryAir: Ground Thaw, Forced Air Temp Heat/Dehumidifier Systems
  • D.S. Brown: Neoprene Compression Seals for Paving & Bridges
  • DuraJoint: PVC & Hydrophillic Waterstops
  • Dur-O-Wal, Inc (MMI): Masonry Products


  • Edgerton Forge Inc.: Quality forgings for the automotive, civil construction, energy and military market segments. ISO 9001:2008 & PED Certified.
  • Empire Level Manufacturing: Mason Line, Tape Measures
  • ERB Industries, Inc: Safety Gear Engineered Wired Products Welded Wire Fabric-Building & Paving Fabric
  • Erico: Threaded Rebar (Dowel Bar Replacements) Mechanical Rebar Couplers
  • Euclid Chemical Company: Curing, Curing & Sealing Compounds and Sealing Compounds Liquid & Shake Hardeners Grouting Materials Concrete Repair Materials Concrete & Masonry Anchoring Systems


  • Foamtastic: Non-Bituminous Closed Cell Foam, Miscellaneous Expansion Joint Materials, Backer Rod
  • Form-A-Key: Galvanized Concrete Screed and Construction Joints
  • Fortifiber Corporation: Membrane Waterproofing Materials Dampproofing Products Curing Paper


  • Greenbull: Ladders
  • Greenstreak: Waterstop – PVC & Bentonite Drainboard Products, Form Liner Products





  • Keson: Hand Tools (Pliers, Hammers, Finishing, Brooms, Shovels, etc.)
  • Klein Tools Corp.:Hand Tools (Pliers, Hammers, Finishing, Brooms, Shovels, etc.)
  • Knauf USA: White Beadboard (Expanded White Polystyrene), Geotextiles (Filter Fabric, Stabilization Cloth, Silt Fences, Geofoam)
  • Kraft Tool Company: Hand Tools (Pliers, Hammers, Finishing, Brooms, Shovels, etc.)








  • Ramset/Redhead: Grouting Materials, Concrete & Masonry Anchoring Systems, Concrete Anchors & Tapcon Screws
  • Raven Industries, Inc.: Reinforced Polyethylene, Flame Retardant Polyethylene, Insulated Blankets & Tarpoulins, Rexam Flexible Packaging, Construction Film
  • Right / Pointe: Pre-molded Asphalt ASTM D-994), Pre-molded Asphalt Impregnated Fibre (ASTM D-1751)


  • Sand’s Level: Levels & Cases
  • SI Corporation: Novocon Steel Fibers for Concrete Reinforcement
  • Sika: Bonding Agents, Concrete Repair Materials, Epoxies, Concrete & Masonry Anchoring Systems
  • Simpson Strong Tie Co., Inc.: Concrete & Masonry Anchoring Systems
  • SMI Steel: Concrete Reinforcing Steel (Rebar) – Detailed & Fabricated, Smooth Dowel Bars & Accessories, Merchant Steel – Detailed & Fabricated
  • Sonneborn Products: Thoro Products (Chemrex)
  • Stabila, Inc.: German Made Levels
  • Stanley-Goldblatt: Hand Tools (Pliers, Hammers, Finishing, Brooms, Shovels, etc.)
  • Structural Reinforcement Products: Welded Wire Fabric – Building & Paving Fabric, Superior Power Trowels, Superior Featherweight Power Trowels
  • Suncoast: Post Tension, Reinforcing
  • Superior Power Trowel: Superior Featherweight POwer Trowels
  • Synthetic Industries:Xorex Steel fibers for Concrete Reinforcement


  • Talley Metals – Stainless Steel Rebar
  • Tamms: Epoxies, Tatano, Welded Wire, Fabric-Building & Paving Fabric,
  • Tatano: Welded Wire Fabric-Building & Paving Fabric
  • Tex-Cote: Curing, Curing & Sealing Compounds and Sealing Compounds
  • TFP Corporation: Weld Stud Anchors
  • Tremco: Urethan Joint Sealant / Membrane Systems
  • Tyco




  • W.R. Meadows: Membrane Waterproofing Materials, Dampproofing Products, Hot & Cold Applied Rubber Asphalt Joint Sealers, Curing, Curing & Sealing Compounds and Sealing Compounds, Liquid & Shake Hardeners, Form Release Agents, Grouting Materials, Epoxies, Highway Curing Pre-Tested Materials, Pre-Molded Asphalt, Pre-Moulded Asphalt Impregnated Fibre (ASTM D-1751), Ceramar (Non-Bituminous Closed Cell Foam), Regular Cork (ASTM D-1752, Type II), 1/4″ Tongue & Groove Keyway, Concrete & Masonry Anchoring Systems, C. Backer Rod, Zip Strip Plastic “T” Control Joints, Curing Papers
  • Wagman Metal Industries: Wagman Power Trowel, Replacement Blades
  • Webtec, Inc.: Geotextiles (Filter Fabric, Stabilizing Cloth, Silt Fences, Geofoam), Orange Safety Fence
  • Woods Wire Products, Inc. Electrical Cords