About Us

Contractors Materials Company (CMC) was established in 1907 by William H. Luken, Sr. The company’s first products were granite paving stones and curbs. Since that time, CMC has expanded both in product mix and markets served. Today, we are a fabricator of rebar and a distributor of a complete line of related products for commercial, industrial and highway concrete construction markets. These products are equally suited for the cast-in-place, precast, and repair and restoration markets.

MMI of Kentucky (MMI) as established in 1989 in Lexington, Kentucky. MMI was created to serve the Central Kentucky concrete construction market with similar products and services as CMC has provided to its customers in Ohio. Although dissimilar in names, the two sister companies share common ownership and operating philosophies.

Both companies operate out of new, modern facilities and we pride ourselves in the core of dedicated and experienced personnel that provide energy and synergy to our business each day. CMC and MMI both utilize the latest in equipment technology for rebar fabrication that provides increased productivity, accuracy, flexibility and safety for its operators. Both companies also operate with a fleet of Penske leased delivery trucks that are well maintained and dependable.

CMC and MMI personnel take pride in our individual and collective contribution to our communities’ growth and prosperity, and look forward to providing continued service to its base of loyal customers.

In 1999, CMC became the first US rebar Fabricator to fabricate all #3, 4 and 5 rebar out of coil. The MEP Mini Syntax at CMC offers expanded capabilities of #3, 4, and 5 rebar.

In 2011, CMC became the first US stainless steel rebar Fabricator to fabricate all #3, 4, 5 and 6 rebar out of coil. Our stainless steel processing machine straightens stainless steel rebar up to 60 feet. CMC is now the only US source for stainless steel rebar in lengths above 40 ft.

The use of these machines has proven more productive than conventional ways of fabricating rebar, provides more flexibility in scheduling, are more accurate, and are safer for machine operators.

10 Commandments

  1. Show the clients respect due elders.
  2. A pleasant, enthusiastic voice will always win out over one that is monotone and/or irreverent.
  3. Arrogance will always come back to haunt you.
  4. Never treat your fellow worker as an adversary.
  5. Always be prepared to be flexible and adaptable to people and situations.
  6. The sale only begins with its close and ends with CMC client mutual satisfaction and final full payment.
  7. People who fail in life are not persistent.
  8. Business is always conducted above the board.
  9. A client is due a quality product for the right application, at a competitive price and delivered as agreed.
  10. “Attitude… get it right or get out.” Mike Ditka