CMC, 1-844-323-ROAD or 513-733-3000 – 10320 South Medallion Drive Cincinnati (Evendale), OH 45241

Name Email Direct Line Cell
Highway Sales
Garey Mahoney [email protected] 513-719-0129 513-470-7412
Corey Stahler [email protected] 513-956-3165 513-760-8611
Austin Feldkamp [email protected] 513-719-0119 513-781-6756
Commercial Industrial Sales
Eric Fries [email protected] 513-719-0113 513-706-2004
J.D. Davidson [email protected] 513-719-0117 513-490-3046
Tony White [email protected] 513-719-0123 513-470-7414
Stainless Steel Rebar
David Friedman [email protected] 513-719-0112 513-470-7390
Special Projects
Ronnie Kuhn [email protected] 513-719-0115 513-470-7393
Eddie Kidd [email protected] 513-719-0118 513-262-6238
Bill Luken [email protected] 513-719-0131 513-470-7384
Robert Faircloth [email protected] 513-719-0128 513-256-2924
Jim Kluener [email protected] 513-719-0114 513-460-3096
Marty Luken [email protected] 513-719–0122 513-470-7394
Lori Kamphaus [email protected] 513-956-3171
Kathleen Sullivan [email protected] 513-719-0120
Lauren Jacobs [email protected] 513-956-3167
 Jessica Watson  [email protected]  513-956-3162
Tim Beusterien [email protected] 513-719-0134
Janine Hooverman [email protected] 513-719-0130 513-515-7376
Tom Cornelius [email protected] 513-719-0132
Kyle Smiddy [email protected] 513-719-0116
Jon Huelsman [email protected] 513-719-0125
Troy Jones [email protected] 513-733-3000 x131
Jeremy Patrick [email protected] 513-956-3172 
Alex VanLuit [email protected] 513-733-3000 x133
Monty Marsh [email protected] 513-710-0121  513-516.3411
Krissy Metz [email protected] 513-719-0133 513-620-1770

MMI, 859-255-0070 – 2081 Mercer Road Lexington, KY 40511

Name Email Direct Line Cell
Highway Sales
Bruce Reed [email protected] 859-967-2087 859-806-2830
Commercial Industrial
Lenny Franklin [email protected] 859-967-2085 859-806-2813
Audrey Nichols [email protected] 859-967-2083
 Andrew Bucher [email protected] 859-967-2088 859-806-2857
Alecia Clark [email protected] 859-255-0070
Bill Luken [email protected] 859-967-2092 513-470-7384
Robert Faircloth [email protected] 513-719-0128 513-256-2924
Jim Kluener [email protected] 859-967-2091 513-460-3096
Marty Luken [email protected] 859-967-2093 513-470-7394
Lori Kamphaus [email protected] 513-956-3171
Bill David Trent [email protected] 859-967-2090
John Boyd [email protected] 423-745-9355
Bobby Paris [email protected] 859-967-2089
Jack Pierce [email protected] 859-967-2084 859-806-2814
Jerry Combs [email protected] 859-967-2086 859-806-2817

CRR – 935 Wenstrup Drive, Walton KY 41094

Name Email Direct Line Cell
David Foster [email protected] 859-485-0520 x506 513-312-2144
Brian Carlson [email protected] 859-485-0520 x505 513-967-9309

Our Mission

We Strive to be a Progressive Leader in our Industry, Meshing Profitable Customer and Vendor Alliances, While Providing Rewarding Challenges to Our Empowered Team.

Our Ten Commandments

  1. Show the clients respect due elders.
  2. A pleasant, enthusiastic voice will always win out over one that is monotone and/or irreverent.
  3. Arrogance will always come back to haunt you.
  4. Never treat your fellow worker as an adversary.
  5. Always be prepared to be flexible and adaptable to people and situations.
  6. The sale only begins with its close and ends with CMC client mutual satisfaction and final full payment.
  7. People who fail in life are not persistent.
  8. Business is always conducted above the board.
  9. A client is due a quality product for the right application, at a competitive price and delivered as agreed.
  10. "Attitude… get it right or get out." Mike Ditka